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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Throughout the history of literature there have been a number of male characters who have caught the eye of female readers because of their complex personalities and good looks. Though there have been quite a few different gentleman who have been popular with the ladies, the five most eligible fictional bachelors are Jean-Claude, Sam Merlotte, Sherlock Holmes, Detective Cooper and James Bond.

Jean-Claude is a character from the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Jean-Claude makes the list for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that he is a wealthy and successful business owner, running the strip club Guilty Pleasures in the book series. Another reason for his inclusion on the list is the fact that he is both handsome and dashing. Jean-Claude is so attractive in fact that he causes both mortals and vampires to fall hopelessly in love with him at a single glance. Jean-Claude also makes women's hearts flutter because of his numerous powers, including the ability to fly.

Another of the most eligible bachelors in fiction is Sam Merlotte from The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. Sam is an incredibly handsome fellow with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a US Army veteran and is said to have cut a striking figure in his uniform. Sam is also attractive to the ladies because he is exceedingly loyal to his friends and will do anything in his power to help them. In addition to all of these other winning characteristics, Sam owns the bar Merlotte's, an establishment which employs many of the people in Bon Temps.

The fictional character Sherlock Holmes is another character who can't be left off of a list of the most eligible bachelors. Sherlock is extremely wealthy, supporting himself through his successful detective business. Sherlock is also extremely intelligent and very good at understanding people, a winning combination with most women. Sherlock also wows ladies with his ability to play them beautiful music on his violin.

Next on the list of the most eligible bachelors is police detective "Coop" Cooper from Ann Charles's Deadwood Series. Cooper is a man who believes in supporting and standing by his family, even his slightly crazy uncle Harvey. He has a very good job, owns his own home and is a very dependable person all qualities ladies look for in a mate.

A list of the top bachelors in literature wouldn't be complete without James Bond from the novels by Ian Fleming. James is a physically stunning man with black hair and blue-grey eyes. He is extremely charismatic and charming and dresses to the nines. James also has access to an extensive fleet of luxury cars and fabulous homes, so his lady friends can both travel and live in style.


All of these characters are dashing and charismatic, making them a perfect fit for the list of the five most eligible fictional bachelors. Getting most of these gentlemen to settle down would be quite the struggle, but it would be well worth it for the lady who manages to do so.

Loren Stacks’ greatest loves are books and music. On any given day he’s either engrossed in some hot-off-the-press bestseller or chained to his iPod mouthing words to an 80s ballad. Outside of this he works as a freelance writer for companies like SecureYourTrademark.Com. In this guest post he lists five fictional eligible bachelors.


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